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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Life is the Most Difficult Exam

Who is David "Avocado" Wolfe, you might ask?

From time to time, I will be posting about what I refer to as Earth School.
These posts will focus upon how our planets 3~D energy acts like a mirror for our emotions enabling each of us to grow as a result of our life experience.

Today is the first of these; what is Earth School and how do it's difficult exams foster deep leaning opportunities for each of us.
Throughout your life, if you are living with self~awareness, you have observed that just living affords you with ample opportunities to learn and grow in consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle

Or as Albert Einstein phrased it...


Einstein also realized that

How does science currently explain consciousness?
Here is a brief video that will provide you with an overview of how scientists are currently conceiving consciousness.


During her 2008 address to the Stanford University's graduating class, Oprah Winfrey expressed her thoughts about the idea of Earth School in this way... 

American spiritual teacher and Harvard educated Gary Zukav sees Earth School thusly.

Gary Zukav

As a student, living on Earth School, we are all effected mostly by 3rd dimension energy that forma the basis of our experience.  Although you and I, all of us, are exposed to multiple levels of energy; while in Earth School your predominant awareness is focused upon the 3~D level.

Living and learning on 3~D Earth School works best when you consciousness is in alignment with authentic you!


Yes life's most difficult exam is only valid for it's intended learner, you. Since you and I, all of us, have been socially conditioned for our entire lives; our programming pushes us to move from inner direction toward outer direction. Thus we fail to pass many of life's exams; since the wrong persona is sitting for the exam.

When authentic you is seated for the exams; you will pass with flying colors.

As your authentic self you have access to the true power and beauty that resides within you.


Yes authentic you is very powerful and enabled to pass any exam life through's your way!

Living through authentic you is like a surfer discovering the sweet spot in a wave and riding it effectively.

It's like discovering a gem of great value; that's who you are when aligned with authentic you!

It's like growing from a baby

To the majestic adult you are growing into!


Fly high and free!

Here's to you, authentic learner!