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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Welcome to College: making the grade your way!

You've recently finished High School, been admitted to your favorite college and now college is about to begin.

What should you expect as you begin your journey through college?

The major differences between High School and College are mostly cultural.  By cultural I am referring to the social structure and expectations that define the 2 environments:

  • In High School, teachers, administrators and parents guide the student through the experience and in college the student is the leader.
  • In High School your week is divided into 5 sessions of approximately 6 hours per day and in college classes are typically 1 hour sessions that meet twice or 3 rimes per week.
  • In High School your teachers studied how children learn and in college your instructors are experts in their individual fields and seldom have studied how adults learn.
  • In High School most of your planning for your learning experiences is accomplished by teachers and administrators and in college you follow a model and make your own decisions about working with that model.
  • In High School you are treated like a child; in college you are expected to act like an adult. Unfortunately, this comes at a time in your life when you have limited experience with self-direction.
  • In High School your social relationships are filtered by parental controls. In college you will have freedom for the choices you make and yet the college will provide you with something called A Student code of conduct.  This book is written by lawyers and it's language is often quite dense. Yet, you are expected to read the entire book and limit your actions to conform to this conduct code. without even cliff notes.
  •  In High School if you require any learning accommodations staff persons coordinated these and you are just directed when to go to receive them.  In college you have an active role in determining these supports and also having a greater awareness and involvement  in the implementation aspects.
Wait, I hear you screaming, isn't college supposed to be fun?

When do we get to the discussion about the fun stuff? (you may be thinking)

There are many sites devoted to talking about the 'fun stuff'; this one is focused about helping you develop effective strategies for college success and happiness so that you are enabled to enjoy the fun stuff without worry about potential penalties associated with The Code. Once you discover and use effective academic and organizational strategies you will discover how much additional time you are able to craft out to engage with the fun stuff!

Here is a gift for you:
Here is a brief video by Dr.Rob Gilbert of Success University.  Dr. Gilbert is a college professor college success coach; I hope you benefit from Dr. Gilbert has to say in this brief video, 

Dr. Rob Gilbert's Secret of How You Can Graduate with Honors

I hope you enjoyed viewing Dr. Gilbert's video and that the powerful point he made was one you took to your heart.

My next post will continue with my thoughts on making the transition between High School and College; with the topic 

Making Relationships work for You! 

Until then, 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Making Your Relationships work for You ~The Course

What is the nature of a relationship and how do you enable relationships that will truly work for you and the other person? 

  • The relationships scale runs from healthy and vibrant to toxic and deadly.  We have all experienced both types and seek to avoid the later.
  • Typical Social networking friending is not true relationship building; although it may contain some of the elements.
  • All relationships with other folks are reflective of the relationship with one's self.

To understand relationships that provide mutual benefit let us first look at the nature of win~win relationships.


defines win-win as,
"advantageous or satisfactory to all parties involved"; thus a win-win relationship is one in which all parties experience having their needs met, over time.

"The Law of Win-Win says, 'Let's not do it your way or my way let's do it the best way." ~Greg Anderson, American Author & Founder, The American Wellness Project

If you want to engage in relationships that will work and thrive; think win~win.
Otherwise someone in the relationship may feel she/he is the lesser partner. 

Who truly wants that?  

To reach an enhanced understanding  of the concept of win~win relationships please enjoy the following video of a TED Talk by Mark Morris, a professor of business management and entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University. (2015)

  • How would you define a win~win relationship?
  • What are the benefits of win~win relationships?
  • What primary relationship effects all other relationships?

Please consult your TA for extra help!

Remember, tune in to the quality of your relationships!

Make it your goal to turn them into the win~win type!

Stay tuned to this site for our next post on building win~win relationships through identifying and partnering with potential allies!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Back in Action

I have been away, for a bit. recovering from a medical condition  I am now feeling fine and ready to blog again!

Until my next post, I wish you a

Here's wishing you the very best in 2016 and beyond!

~Dave Kenyon

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Life is the Most Difficult Exam

Who is David "Avocado" Wolfe, you might ask?

From time to time, I will be posting about what I refer to as Earth School.
These posts will focus upon how our planets 3~D energy acts like a mirror for our emotions enabling each of us to grow as a result of our life experience.

Today is the first of these; what is Earth School and how do it's difficult exams foster deep leaning opportunities for each of us.
Throughout your life, if you are living with self~awareness, you have observed that just living affords you with ample opportunities to learn and grow in consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle

Or as Albert Einstein phrased it...


Einstein also realized that

How does science currently explain consciousness?
Here is a brief video that will provide you with an overview of how scientists are currently conceiving consciousness.


During her 2008 address to the Stanford University's graduating class, Oprah Winfrey expressed her thoughts about the idea of Earth School in this way... 

American spiritual teacher and Harvard educated Gary Zukav sees Earth School thusly.

Gary Zukav

As a student, living on Earth School, we are all effected mostly by 3rd dimension energy that forma the basis of our experience.  Although you and I, all of us, are exposed to multiple levels of energy; while in Earth School your predominant awareness is focused upon the 3~D level.

Living and learning on 3~D Earth School works best when you consciousness is in alignment with authentic you!


Yes life's most difficult exam is only valid for it's intended learner, you. Since you and I, all of us, have been socially conditioned for our entire lives; our programming pushes us to move from inner direction toward outer direction. Thus we fail to pass many of life's exams; since the wrong persona is sitting for the exam.

When authentic you is seated for the exams; you will pass with flying colors.

As your authentic self you have access to the true power and beauty that resides within you.


Yes authentic you is very powerful and enabled to pass any exam life through's your way!

Living through authentic you is like a surfer discovering the sweet spot in a wave and riding it effectively.

It's like discovering a gem of great value; that's who you are when aligned with authentic you!

It's like growing from a baby

To the majestic adult you are growing into!


Fly high and free!

Here's to you, authentic learner!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

You and The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Today's post is a look at author Dan Millman's book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and the 2006 movie 'Peaceful Warrior', starring Nick Nolte, Scott Mechlowicz and Amy Smart, and is a powerful drama of self-reflection leading to a life transforming break through for this struggling college student.

Dan, our hero, is successful at college; on many levels. He is socially adept, he is a good athlete (Gymnastics) and yet her has personal frustrations that maintain, for him, a level of dissatisfaction.

One day, while riding his motorcycle, he is involved in a serious accident.  The resulting injuries, he sustained, threaten to ruin his most cherished goal; an NCAA championship in Gymnastics.

During his struggle to heal, from his injuries, he meets the mysterious man who will eventually become his mentor, Socrates; played by Nick Nolte.

This leads them through a tumultuous relationship which lead Dan to learning the essence of what it takes to be truly aware and engaged with life.
 Through his dialog s with Socrates, Dan soon discovers...

 Now check out this vital scene from the movie; and this monologue by Socrates that speaks to the power of the present moment.

Each and every moment is a sacred opportunity for your awareness to provide you with insights that may lead to enhanced self-discovery and growth.

As a student, it's important to maximize the value of each moment. When your are consciously present, in each moment, you are able to gain the best return on your investment that is possible.

Let's say you are paying $30,000 per year for your college expenses; every time you miss a class session you have just tossed away $937.00 (based upon 2 16 week  semesters per academic year) Does that make good financial sense to you?

When you are in a lecture and your mind is somewhere else, it's still the same amount you just wasted.

This is just one of the reasons why being present in each moment is so valuable.

We live in a culture that values conformity and throughout your life you have received copious social conditioning efforts aimed at encouraging you to be just like everyone else; to fit in.

To thrive in life you need to captain your own ship and trust your inner guidance system to lead you through the troubled waters that are your life experiences. Being aware and present in each moment is the beginning point for authentic learning

Another lesson found in The Peaceful Warrior is the the idea; beautifully expressed in the following quote~in~image...

Dan goes to the heart of the matter by combining present moment awareness with a passion to follow the energy of love.  One of the balancing acts authentic learners need to embrace is this notion of following your passion coupled with being present in each moment of your life.

When you are present in each moment and follow your intuition you will be lead to discovery of value within each of your live experiences. 

For you, as an authentic learner, embracing an enhanced relationship with yourself will provide you the opportunity for greater trust, in your intuition, and enhanced awareness and joy in each moment!

When you believe in yourself and embrace each moment; good things will follow.  Where there is focused awareness coupled with joy; authentic learning is a natural consequence.

Dan also discovers that change in how you perceive your world lies at the heart of your happiness and peace.

As you view this video of some of the powerful dialog between Dan and Socrates; you see that shaking up your mindset frees you to become the authentic person you are meant to be.

Within the paradox of our age, as elaborated by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, you will discover the seeds of change that will fuel your transformation as an authentic person and learner.

I hope you realize the power of The Peaceful Warrior in providing  you with insights into the nature of what it means to be an authentic learner.

You have within you all it takes!


Is the way of the Peaceful Warrior for you?