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Sunday, September 27, 2015

You and The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Today's post is a look at author Dan Millman's book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and the 2006 movie 'Peaceful Warrior', starring Nick Nolte, Scott Mechlowicz and Amy Smart, and is a powerful drama of self-reflection leading to a life transforming break through for this struggling college student.

Dan, our hero, is successful at college; on many levels. He is socially adept, he is a good athlete (Gymnastics) and yet her has personal frustrations that maintain, for him, a level of dissatisfaction.

One day, while riding his motorcycle, he is involved in a serious accident.  The resulting injuries, he sustained, threaten to ruin his most cherished goal; an NCAA championship in Gymnastics.

During his struggle to heal, from his injuries, he meets the mysterious man who will eventually become his mentor, Socrates; played by Nick Nolte.

This leads them through a tumultuous relationship which lead Dan to learning the essence of what it takes to be truly aware and engaged with life.
 Through his dialog s with Socrates, Dan soon discovers...

 Now check out this vital scene from the movie; and this monologue by Socrates that speaks to the power of the present moment.

Each and every moment is a sacred opportunity for your awareness to provide you with insights that may lead to enhanced self-discovery and growth.

As a student, it's important to maximize the value of each moment. When your are consciously present, in each moment, you are able to gain the best return on your investment that is possible.

Let's say you are paying $30,000 per year for your college expenses; every time you miss a class session you have just tossed away $937.00 (based upon 2 16 week  semesters per academic year) Does that make good financial sense to you?

When you are in a lecture and your mind is somewhere else, it's still the same amount you just wasted.

This is just one of the reasons why being present in each moment is so valuable.

We live in a culture that values conformity and throughout your life you have received copious social conditioning efforts aimed at encouraging you to be just like everyone else; to fit in.

To thrive in life you need to captain your own ship and trust your inner guidance system to lead you through the troubled waters that are your life experiences. Being aware and present in each moment is the beginning point for authentic learning

Another lesson found in The Peaceful Warrior is the the idea; beautifully expressed in the following quote~in~image...

Dan goes to the heart of the matter by combining present moment awareness with a passion to follow the energy of love.  One of the balancing acts authentic learners need to embrace is this notion of following your passion coupled with being present in each moment of your life.

When you are present in each moment and follow your intuition you will be lead to discovery of value within each of your live experiences. 

For you, as an authentic learner, embracing an enhanced relationship with yourself will provide you the opportunity for greater trust, in your intuition, and enhanced awareness and joy in each moment!

When you believe in yourself and embrace each moment; good things will follow.  Where there is focused awareness coupled with joy; authentic learning is a natural consequence.

Dan also discovers that change in how you perceive your world lies at the heart of your happiness and peace.

As you view this video of some of the powerful dialog between Dan and Socrates; you see that shaking up your mindset frees you to become the authentic person you are meant to be.

Within the paradox of our age, as elaborated by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, you will discover the seeds of change that will fuel your transformation as an authentic person and learner.

I hope you realize the power of The Peaceful Warrior in providing  you with insights into the nature of what it means to be an authentic learner.

You have within you all it takes!


Is the way of the Peaceful Warrior for you?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Your First Year Experience ~Excelling at Maze Runner Level


If you've not already had a semester in college you are most likely filled with many expectations and concerns:

  • Will I fit in socially?
  • Will I be able to handle the academic experience of college?
  • Will I be able to manage my time effectively?
  • Will I be able to have a positive relationship with my instructors?
  • Will I have time to engage in extracurricular activities I enjoy?
  • Will I be able to continue with the volunteer experiences I currently engage with?
  •  Will I have the supports I need to succeed?
  • Will I be able to afford the college experience I dream about?

Now that I am about to enter college; what have I gotten myself into?

Let's take a look at what differences exist between High School and College:
  • Who is in charge? Quite honestly, during grades K-12 others have the say and when you enter college, you are expected to be in charge of your academic choices and success.
  • Organizing for success. In High School your teachers and counselors do loads of the planning for you.  In college the responsibility is yours.
  • Planning for use of your time.  In High School you spend 6 hours per day where the planning is done by school administrators, teachers and counselors. In college you are expected to plan for yourself with input from academic advisers and others.
  • Teachers vs. Instructors. In grades K-12, your teachers studied how children learn. In college your instructors are considered experts in their individual fields of research and it is unlikely that they have ever studied how adults learn.
  • Meeting with your teachers vs instructors. In High School your teachers often initiate your meetings and in college you are in charge of making those meetings happen; either through attending office hours or by appointment with your instructor.
  • Reminders of assignments, exams/quizzes, or projects are frequently offered by your teachers with reinforcement by your parents.  In college, you receive a syllabus for each course, on the first day of class; that is your only reminder.
  • So many more that you will soon discover.

 Phase One:

    Lets take a look at who is in charge of making your education/learning decisions.
    In other words, who is driving your learning bus?

In your formal learning experience, K-12, it was mostly parents, teachers and school administrators who made your education/learning choices; in college, you have the wheel.


Physically, you have been an adult for quite some time. Our current social model is to treat young adults as children and often leaves you out of many decisions that effect you.

Our culture, then expects you to morph, over one summer, into a fully in change adult.

adult baby photo: Baby to Adult morph ATT00025.gif
That works for no one! The truth is that when most students enter college, for the first time; what each lacks most is experience in the adult mental model. You have the mental abilities and aptitudes to make you successful; once you have enough experience, to make it so!

Yes, once you enter college, your task is to discover how the adult you needs to navigate this new maze called college.

To successfully travel through this maze to come out the other side; you will have many opportunities to practice, using this new mental model' coupled with your skills as...

In the movie, The Maze Runner , 

Based upon the novel “The Scorch Trials” byJames Dashner;

the underlying theme is about the importance of discovering your life's purpose.

Please consider these thoughts on life purpose:


Maze Runners intuitively recognize where purpose and opportunity align.


...for your heart provides the passion to make your life's purpose realize!

Like the...

discover your own way through!

Stay connect for my next blog post; a continuing look at your first year experience.

Please feel free to share this blog with your other college friends.

Thank you,